Information about transport and punching system

Here are list for ordered transport from airport to competitons and back, transport for Masters from accommodation at Birkebeineren/Nordseter to competitions and also sceduled transport from event center to grocery store twice a day. Contact if you have questions.

Ordered transport for team from airport   
Scedueled transport for Master  (NOK 100,- day, tickets at event center)
Grocery store transport from event center (free)

The new EMIT tuch free system will be used for all competitors in all clases during the days at Sjusjøen. For competitors in EOC, JWOC and EYOC there will be used 2 emiTags to each competitors, for Masters and O-treff there will be used one emiTag for each competitor.

Info for EOC, JWOC and EYOC  
Info for Masters and O-treff


  • Event Director: Lars Lystad
  • IOF Event Advicer: Juraj Nemec
  • National controller: Yngve Mobråten
  • Course setter: Vidar Benjaminsen
  • Event secretary: Jan Arild Johnsen
  • Chairman of the organizing commitee: Jens Harald Fossheim


  • European Championships skiorienteering
  • Junior World Championships skiorienteering
  • European Youth Championships skiorienteering
  • O-Treff 2011 Open skiorienteering competitionakilles.



  • Mon January 31.: Arrival
  • Tue February 1.: Model event
  • Wed February 2.: Long distance, EOC, JWOC, EYOC and Banquet
  • Thu February 3.: Rest. Training event
  • Fri February 4.: Sprint distance, EOC, JWOC, EYOC O-treff Open competition
  • Sat February 5.: Middle distance, EOC, JWOC, EYOC Long distance, WMOC, O-treff Open competition
  • Sun February 6.: Relay, EOC, JWOC Long distance, WMOC O-treff open competition Departure
  • Mon February 7.: Departure

Embargoed area

The competition area , limited by the orienteering map “Natrudstilen”, is embargoed until February 2011 for competi- tors and team leaders. The area is closed for all orienteering activity . Cross-country skiing and roller skiing in open tracks is allowed until January1.2011.

Old maps